Concept idea: Kitchen food tracker

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Currently, I go shopping for dinner nearly every day, the house has a whiteboard in the kitchen to write down additional shopping items, and sadly, sometimes food spoils because I either don’t cook any recipes that include it, or I forget it was already in the fridge and buy more of the same.

To improve upon all this, I want to put a computer terminal in the kitchen.
Additionally, it’d have a bar code scanner to scan every product that comes into the house, and again every product when it gets used.

One advantage is that I can keep track of exactly what we have and don’t have, possibly remotely look at this information while shopping.

Additionally, it could include a database of recipes, and perhaps suggest recipes based on whats in the house and/or products that are about to expire, show the recipe while cooking, and generate the correct shopping list by selecting the recipe before shopping.

The end goal includes the ability to generate statistics and predict which items need to be bought in advance, and/or at least combine all the shopping into a once-a-week list and save lots of time at shopping.

A possible interaction is to use online shopping and delivery to have the generated shopping list delivered to the home. I expect supermarkets to come out with apps like this in the very near future, as home delivery of groceries is already taking off.