New server: Orange Pi Zero

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I took some time to set up my own server and create my own website, to show the results of my projects, as a kind of portfolio of my work. I’ll be uploading various projects, from small repairs to fully developed products.

The server itself is an Orange Pi Zero board, a tiny little embedded board about half the size of a credit card with a 1.2 ghz quad core ARM chip, 512 MB DDR3 memory, and most importantly for my application, a network port. It has some other features that I won’t be using at this moment.
Its similar to another famous “Pi” type embedded board, but lacking a HDMI video output (which I will not be needing for a web server) though it has more processing power.

The Orange Pi Zero is running ARMbian Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and obviously, this WordPress website. Its powered by a USB power supply, In the future I might use the (unused) USB port on my internet modem to power it.


The server is housed in a little 3d-printed case, the design of which came from thingiverse. Its printed with blue PET-G on the Ultimaker 2 Extended.

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