University Project: Wall Climbing Robot

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For this project, we were challenged to build a robot which could climb a wall at the university building.
The main objective is to be a technology demonstrator for the Twisted Coiled Polymer Muscles (TCPM), which are artificial muscles constructed of nylon monofilament. Secondary to that, its a nice challenge for construction, electronics and control.

My initial design proposal was a two-armed robot, I even made a lasercut prototype to show the project group what it was supposed to look and move like. In the end we decided to go with a caterpillar-like motion, using essentially a single arm of my design, combined with the wall attachments other group members had designed.

The design has seen a lot of evolution, using 3d-printed parts in combination with carbon fiber rods made it possible to test out various hinges, attachment points and other components that make up the robot at a really fast pace.

Just a quick video overview. I edited (and recorded most of..) this video, and we ended up going to Spain to present our robot on a convention for artifical muscle research.

Director cameo at 3:35. 🙂