Recycling 18650 batteries: automated tester.

I have been dreaming of building an electric vehicle for years, but outright buying a new one isn’t really an option for me at this moment. A good alternative is… Read more »

GoPro microphone cable

After crashing my GoPro into the ground quite hard, I decided to use an enclosed case to protect the lens. This severely reduces the sound level on the internal microphone,… Read more »

Internship: Developing special effects at TCMfx

For my second internship I worked with a special effects company TCMfx. I was asked to develop a product, from an idea to something with potential for a small production… Read more »

New server: Orange Pi Zero

I took some time to set up my own server and create my own website, to show the results of my projects, as a kind of portfolio of my work. I’ll… Read more »

Wideband O2 sensor and Lasercut box

For my track car project I wanted to have a wideband O2 sensor, this in combination with a programmable ECU would enable me to tune the engine myself, and open… Read more »

I started a youtube channel!

And its about cars. Specifically, its called Low Budget Racing, and that pretty much sums it up. I’ll be documenting the various ways in which I improve my car, from… Read more »